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The Insider Playbook to Buying Weddings Suits and Tuxedos

May 22, 2024

The Insider Playbook to Buying Weddings Suits and Tuxedos

If you’ve ever received an invitation to a wedding, you know that familiar sense of stress as you wonder what’s appropriate to wear. In these situations, you know that a suit or tuxedo is best, but that’s hardly enough information to get dressed. First, you have to figure out whether a suit or tuxedo is right for the event - then, you have to pick out a fit, pattern, and color. The work doesn’t end there, though - what about your shirt and accessories?

Fear not. Frankly Fashion’s wedding suit and tuxedo playbook was created just for you. With the following tips, you’ll be best dressed at the wedding (aside from the groom, of course!)

Should You Wear a Tuxedo or Suit to a Wedding?


Men's Pinstripe Suit for a Wedding

      Tuxedos are more appropriate for some weddings, while suits are better for others. So, how do you know which to choose? The easiest way to tell is by checking the dress code. If your invitation specifically requests black tie or formalwear, a tuxedo is called for. If you don't have a tuxedo, you can get away with a dark suit. (Or, choose one of Frankly Fashion's stylish tuxedos.) If the invitation notes dressy-casual or semi-formal, you should wear a suit.

      The time of day also plays a role in your decision. Daytime weddings and other events call for the more casual suit, while nighttime weddings are better suited for formal tuxedos. If a wedding starts during the day but is scheduled to go on into the night, you can opt for a dark suit.

      Find Your Go-To Suit


      If you don’t already have a suit or tuxedo - or if your current go-to suit is old and outdated - it’s important to invest in one really good suit. This should be a suit you can turn to for every wedding and special occasion. You can change up your shirt, tie, and accessories to adjust the look.

      Your go-to suit should be a classic fit three-piece suit that flatters your unique body. That means everything - from your trousers to your jacket to your waistcoat - fits like a glove. The jacket shouldn’t look too short or too long. The waistcoat shouldn’t make your body look disproportionate. The trousers should be the right length to elongate your legs without any flooding.

      A tailor can help you accomplish the perfect fit, but you’ll need to start with a good quality suit as your base, like one from Frankly Fashion. Plus, our suits are currently on sale. For example, check out this three-piece navy suit, which is perfect for all occasions.

      How to Choose Suit Color


      If you’re aiming to purchase one wedding suit to carry you through all the events, it’s best to opt for a dark navy or grey. These colors are classic and go with just about anything, giving you the freedom to switch things up with your shirt and accessories. Plus, medium to dark grey and navy can complement just about any complexion. On the other hand, if you went with a color that’s too light, you might find that you appear washed out.

      However, if you’re shopping for additional suits, you can have a bit more fun with color. Consider the season when choosing a suit. For example, sunny weddings during the spring and summer lend themselves to lighter color suits. They also call for lighter construction, including less padding and canvasses.

      How to Decide on a Wedding Suit Material

      As you shop, you’ll find that most suits are made of wool. This is because wool dries quickly and lasts a long time when treated well. It can also be made lighter for summer or heavier for winter. For your go-to suit, merino wool is likely the best option. It’s super soft and breathable, so you can wear it year-round. It’s also smooth and less scratchy than other types of wool.

      If you live somewhere warm and sunny, though, you might opt for a lighter fabric. Cotton, linen, and seersucker all pair well with daytime usage. On the flip side, tweed and flannel are solid options for colder climates.

      Accessorizing Your Wedding Suit

      Wedding Suit Accessory - Belt

      There are a few important elements to pair with your suit. First, choose your dress shirt. As a general rule, it's easiest and more formal to go with a singular color rather than a multicolor plaid or print. Your shirt should also be a different color than your suit jacket - in fact, it should contrast your suit. For example, if you have a dark grey or navy suit, a white or light blue shirt will complement the entire look.

      For your tie, simply choose one that is darker than your shirt - again, you’re looking for contrast. Match the color to your wedding suit or have fun with a pattern. You might also add a pocket square to complete the outfit, which should complement your tie rather than match it.

      Finally, don’t be afraid to complete the look with nice leather shoes (loafers for a more casual look or lace-up for formal), a sleek timepiece, and a fun tie bar. You might even add some suspenders if you want to stand out.

      Formal Weddings and Tuxedos



      If you’re going to a formal, black-tie wedding and want to wear a tuxedo, there are a few elements to consider.

      • Lapel: Tuxedos can have the same different lapels as suit jackets. That means you have your pick between a shawl, notched, or peaked lapel. A notched lapel is most casual, while a shawl lapel is most common on tuxedos. A shawl is also a good middle ground, as it's a touch less dressy than a peaked lapel.
      • Waist Covering: Most traditional tuxedos have a waistcoat (which looks like a vest) or a cummerbund (which is a silk sash that sits on your waist). You can choose between either, or go without, though this is the less traditional way to wear a tuxedo.
      • Dress Shirt: Winged collars used to be popular with tuxedos, but a turn-down dollar is a more common and modern look to go with. You also have to choose a shirt style - Marcella, textured, or pleated. The most modern and comfortable option is a textured shirt, though you can go with any of the above.
      • Ties: A bow tie is a classic compliment to the tuxedo. As long as you go with a tie that matches the satin of the tuxedo itself, you can't go wrong. However, you can also swap the bow tie for a necktie, as long as it’s high quality and matches the tux.
      • Pants: Some tuxedo pants have a satin stripe along the side, others don’t. Neither is right nor wrong. You also have the choice between pleated or flat front pants - again, it’s all about personal preference.

      Ultimately, buying your wedding suit or tuxedo comes down to how you wear it. As long as the suit fits well and you accessorize with contrasting colors, you can’t go wrong.

      If you’re in need of a new suit or tuxedo, be sure to check out Frankly Fashion’s extensive assortment. Once you’ve picked one out, all that's left to do is suit up and enjoy the wedding!

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