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Dad Deserves the Best: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Father’s Day Present

May 22, 2024

Dad Deserves the Best: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Father’s Day Present

Your dad is your rock. He somehow manages to walk the fine line between mentor and friend. He’s there to offer advice and crack a joke or two along the way. When Father’s Day comes around, you’ll naturally want to celebrate him and treat him to a gift. The issue? Most dads will tell you they have everything they need.

Still, finding a gift that really wows your dad while fitting into your budget feels amazing. Don’t worry, it’s not mission impossible. We’ve got you covered in the following guide.

Start with Your Dad’s Interests and Hobbies

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What does your dad spend his free time on? Does he like to golf, garden, visit museums, or tinker with his latest gadget?

Make a list of everything your dad does when he isn’t at work. Then, consider what item would improve that hobby. This is a great gift to make your dad feel special on Father's Day. It shows him that you’re paying attention - you notice how he likes to spend his time, and you support him in his hobbies.

For example:

  • If he loves to watch sports, he might appreciate a jersey for his favorite team.
  • If he spends time hiking, he might love a paid subscription to a hike-tracking app.
  • If he loves a certain beer brand, he might want a branded clock or wall decal for his man cave.
  • If he’s a gold junkie, he might like online golf lessons from a well-known expert.
  • If he loves fashion but has picky taste, he might love a gift card to a cool boutique.

Get Personal

Let’s say your dad has everything he needs for his favorite pastime. Another way to give him a special gift is by getting something personalized. A customized gift shows your dad that he’s one of a kind. It also shows your dad that you’re listening and that you care about him.

There are so many options in this category, so you might start with his hobbies and interests, then personalize something from that category. A few ideas for personalization:

  • A custom suit for the suit and tie guy.
  • Concert tickets to see his favorite musician
  • An engraved watch for the businessman.
  • A Cameo (personalized video) from his favorite football player.
  • Tickets to see his favorite comedian.
  • A gift basket with all his favorite things for the perfect night in - beer, snacks, an Uber Eats gift card, an album from his favorite band, and a pair of nice sweatpants

Make It Meaningful

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If you really want to get your dad in his feelings, go for a thoughtful or meaningful gift. That’s not to say the items suggested above aren’t thoughtful - this option just takes it to the next level.

Not sure what’s really meaningful for your dad? Consider your dad’s values. Does he put emphasis on family, friends, fun, individuality, spirituality, heritage, or something else?

Meaningful value-driven gift ideas could include:

  • A new bible or cross necklace for the spiritual man.
  • An evening at Top Golf with the whole family for the fun-loving family guy.
  • A DNA and ancestry test for the guy who loves his heritage.
  • A legacy journal, where your dad can write down all his memories.

You can also go for sentimental value by thinking of the memories your dad has created in his lifetime. Does he love to reminisce about a certain trip with the family? Does he talk about how he had wild times in his 20s with his best friend? Maybe there was a movie that was highly influential for him. Or, is there a beloved family pet that always follows him around? Maybe he talks about how the best thing he ever did was raise you.

Now, turn those ideas into a gift. Here are a few options:

  • A voucher for new family photos
  • A video with special messages from each of his children (if you can’t all be in the same place on Father’s Day)
  • A photo album of all your favorite shared memories
  • A doggy DNA test
  • Matching bracelet and dog collar set
  • A personalized book filled out with all your favorite memories with him

When In Doubt, Go Practical

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Your dad might tell you that he has everything he wants, but there’s always something that could use replacing. Ask yourself, what does your dad need?

Have you noticed your dad wearing the same old hoodie that’s filled with holes? Maybe his phone’s screen protector and case are beat up and in serious need of replacement. Take a look at the things your dad uses on a daily or weekly basis and consider what shape they’re in. He’ll be shocked that you noticed!

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • A new wallet
  • A full-service car wash
  • Jogging set for ultimate comfort and style
  • New pots and pans for the man who loves to cook
  • New work boots for the hard worker
  • Upgraded denim for the trendy father
  • A new phone or tablet as a group gift from the whole family

Ask for Feedback

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By this point, you’ve probably asked your dad what he wants for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and all the holidays in between. You’ve likely gotten a lot of lackluster answers like, “Just buy me lunch,” or, “I don’t need anything!”

However, you can employ a sneakier line of questioning to find out what your dad really wants. Don’t ask him directly - instead, ask pointed questions throughout your normal conversations. For example, when you’re watching a game together, you might ask who his favorite player is. Or, you might make a comment about the hat someone in the crowd is wearing and get his feedback.

Here are more examples to try out:

  • Ask if he’s heard of the latest tech gadget to gauge his interest.
  • Mention an item of clothing you haven’t seen him wear in a while and ask where it went to see if he needs a new one.
  • Point out a new book by an author you think he’d like and see if it’s in his realm of interest.
  • Ask if he’s been to a nearby town - perhaps he might like a little weekend getaway.
  • Point out something that you own and love, checking to see if he seems interested in having his own.

Finding a Father’s Day present can be challenging, but it’s well worth the effort! When he sees the thought you put into getting him the perfect present, it will mean the world to him.

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