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8 Tips for Buying and Styling Leather Jackets for Men

September 29, 2022

8 Tips for Buying and Styling Leather Jackets for Men

A leather jacket is an essential part of the modern man’s wardrobe. Men’s leather jackets come in a variety of styles, with assorted colors, constructions, and hardware to consider. So how do you know which to buy? And once you have a leather jacket you love, what’s the best way to style it? We’ll cover all of these burning questions in this article so you can rock leather jackets for men year-round.

How to Buy the Right Men’s Leather Jacket for You

A men’s leather jacket is an investment piece, and it should last you forever. Naturally, you want to make the right decision the first time you buy one. Here are a few key points to consider as you’re shopping around.

1.   Fit

No matter the actual price tag, a well-fitting men’s leather jacket looks expensive and luxurious. The four key points at which the jacket must fit you well are:

  • Sleeves: The sleeves shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Instead, they should be fitted to the arm, ending between the wrist and the base of the thumb.
  • Overall length: Your jacket should be just long enough to cover your belt or the waistband of your pants.
  • Shoulders: The shoulder seams of the jacket should line up with the highest point of your shoulders.
  • Armholes: An easy way to tell whether a jacket fits, is how loose or tight the armholes are. When they hang loose and low, the jacket will shift around and look sloppy. When the armholes fit higher and tighter, the jacket stays in place and looks put together.

2.   Style

Man in Leather Jacket and Helmet at Beach

There are several styles to choose from. Perhaps the most popular is the motorcycle jacket, which is sometimes referred to as a “rider” or “double rider.” It has wide lapels, a flared collar, a belt at the bottom, and many zips and snaps. This type of jacket is usually the most fashion forward, but also the hardest to pull off.

The motocross or racer leather jacket for men is the next style possibility. It’s a slimmer, more fitted variation of the motorcycle jacket. It typically has minimal detailing aside from the front zipper, band snap collar, and zippered pockets.

Another popular possibility is the bomber jacket, which is also known as the flight jacket. These jackets usually have two large pockets with flap closures, ribbed cuffs, and a ribbed hem. They sometimes include warmer linings, like shearling, fleece, or flannel. Bomber jackets are more about function and utility than style.

There’s no right or wrong style - go with what suits your personal style best. However, keep in mind that the motorcycle jacket is the loudest and thus the hardest to style. The motocross jacket strikes a good balance between style and simplicity which is, generally speaking, a great place to start.

3.   Detailing

Men’s leather jackets can vary from extremely minimal detailing to maximalist, excessive hardware. The choice is yours, but there is one rule to consider: the more detailed something is, the more casual it is. This holds true across all clothing. Consider a graphic t-shirt versus a plain shirt of the same color. The graphic will look more casual, while the solid shirt will look a bit dressier.

If you want a leather jacket that’s versatile, it’s best to avoid too much detail. By opting for a jacket with a simple front middle zip, zipper pockets, and perhaps some zip detailing on the cuffs, you’ll get the most use out of the jacket. That way, you can wear it for everything from a night out with friends to a business casual dinner.

4.   Color

Men's Drifter Leather Jacket

Most leather jackets come in black or brown. There’s no wrong choice. Just keep in mind that black reads as dressier and sharper, while brown is a bit softer and more casual. You can also consider what shoes you wear most often. If you wear black leather boots all the time, you’re likely better off with a black leather jacket to match.

You may also be tempted to go with a more fun color, like burgundy or light tan. There’s nothing wrong with louder colors but be mindful that they’ll take more work to style. They’re also more noticeable, so you might not want to wear the jacket on a daily basis.

How to Style Leather Jackets for Men

While no fixed rules exist in fashion, it’s important to remember that men’s leather jackets are statement pieces. That means you want to balance how “loud” your jacket is with “quieter” pieces. Leather jackets are also quite masculine, so you can offset that intensity with softer accessories, like a scarf or beanie.

As a general rule, it’s best to avoid wearing formal clothing with your leather jacket. Collared shirts and wider pants also look mismatched with the jacket, which can be confusing to the eye.

So, what is a safe bet? Try the following combinations

1.   T-Shirt and Jeans

Man in Leather Jacket over TShirt and Jeans


This is the ultimate casual cool look. Just throw on a clean, well-fitting t-shirt and your favorite park of dark wash jeans. Opt for low-profile shoes, like a cool white sneaker, and finish it off with your leather jacket. Franky Fashion’s Clark leather jacket is the perfect everyday piece.

2.   Low Profile Sweater and Chinos

In the fall and winter months, a crew neck thin knit sweater can really dress up your leather jacket. Tuck the sweater into a pair of chinos, add a belt, and complete your look with a leather jacket for men.

3.   Button-Down and Sweater

If you want to look really smart, add layers. Choose a modern button-down, add a knit sweater over top, and then your leather jacket. Our Ace jacket is great for this look. Be sure to tuck the button-down and sweater in so that you can show off your belt that matches your favorite pair of leather boots.

4.   Tucked Turtleneck

Man in Leather Jacket and Turtleneck


If you’re going for a sleek, cool style, a turtleneck combined with a well-made men’s leather jacket is perfect. To really amp it up, make it an all-black look - a black turtleneck, black jeans, and a black leather jacket go perfectly together.

Ready to get the men’s leather jacket of your dreams? Check out Franky Fashion’s extensive collection. Whether you’re looking for a classic motorcycle jacket, a cool bomber, or a sleek motocross jacket, we’ve got you covered. Shop now.

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