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Suit Size

How to Determine Your Suit Size

Look Handsome and Feel Great with the Right Fit: How to Determine Your Suit Size

A suit is one of the finest ensembles any man can put on. Make sure yours offers a fit that matches its quality. To begin, you will need one cloth tape measure. It is often best to take measurements with the help of a second person if you have one available.

Starting with the Chest

Take a horizontal measurement that begins around the back at the shoulder blades. The tape should wind under each arm and across the chest. This will tell you what jacket size is needed.

Sizing from the Waist Down

Pants must also fit properly so you can walk and sit comfortably. Begin by taking the waist measurement. To do this, place the cloth tape over your shirt right where your slacks normally sit on your body. Keep a finger inside the tape as you note the results. This will tell you your current waist size.

Next you will need to know how long the legs need to be. Take a second vertical measurement from the waist down to the top of the shoe heel. This will give you the second number needed to select a proper pants size.

Try On Your Size

It is always recommended that you try on a garment in the sizes you determined based on the above measurements. This allows you to verify that the measurements are correct and that you don’t need any special alterations, such as a little extra space around the waist or more length in the leg.

Always completely button up shirts and jackets when testing them for a good fit. Jacket shoulders should look nice and straight while sitting even on each side. Each lapel should point away from the chest. The jacket should rest over the hips and behind so you look neat and orderly. Each sleeve should also be straight and even while the waist is comfortable but not so loose that it feels as though it will slip down. If any part doesn’t feel or look quite right, then try adjusting to the next size up or down as necessary.

If you still need further assistance or have any questions, we are here to assist you.  Please contact us at or 718-898-0728.

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If you still need further assistance or have any questions, we are here to assist you.  Please contact us at or 718-898-0728.