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The Men’s Guide to Looking and Feeling Cool at Summer Weddings

April 28, 2023

The Men’s Guide to Looking and Feeling Cool at Summer Weddings

Each year, prime-time wedding season runs from June to September. That means your mailbox is likely starting to fill with invitations as we speak. No matter how many weddings you’ve been to, it can be hard to figure out what to wear during those hot summer months. It’s a formal occasion, so a suit is required - yet your typical suits will feel too heavy and drab.

What’s more, weddings are the perfect occasion to mingle and maybe even meet someone. There will be lots of photos, too, so you want to make sure you’re looking cool and collected. The good news? You have plenty of time right now to get a perfect setup with a few key pieces that you can wear throughout the season. Here’s our guide to getting everything you need.

Summer Wedding Basics

The rule of thumb for summer wedding gear is simple: the lighter the better. Whether you’re wearing a full suit or just a suit jacket and chinos, you’ll want to choose a lightweight material, like a cotton and linen blend.

Then it’s time to consider construction. Traditional, constructed suits have a lot of components. They may have fusing, lining, or a canvas that extends from the chest all the way to the hem, as well as the exterior layer. Some have padding and other elements, like roping.

While these components help give the suit shape, they can also trap heat and feel heavy in hot summer months. Meanwhile, an unconstructed suit has far less canvas and padding, as well as some other elements, keeping the suit more breathable. It’s important to have one or two unconstructed suits or suit jackets for formal summer occasions.


How to Dress for Every Summer Wedding

Now that you’ve got the basics down, you’re ready to choose your outfit. There are a few different types of weddings you’ll run into - here’s exactly what to wear for each.

Formal Summer Weddings

Mens Black Summer Tux

Perhaps the most difficult situation you’ll run into is a formal, black or white tie dress code. Tuxedos don’t typically come unconstructed, so these jackets are a bit heavier. However, black-tie weddings are often hosted indoors, where air conditioning is on your side.

In these scenarios, a well-made, high-quality tuxedo is the right choice. Black is always a classic option. However, you may also be able to bend the rules a bit since it’s a summer wedding. Consider going for a color aside from black - gray or navy is a fairly safe way to branch out. Or, go for a louder color if it suits the occasion.

Casual Summer Weddings


Most weddings you’ll be invited to over the summer will allow for a more casual dress code. This is the easiest and most flexible option you’ll run into. Lightweight fabrics like linen, seersucker, and cotton fabrics lend themselves to the casual dress code. You can choose a suit made of these materials or go with a dinner jacket and pants to complement it.

We recommend our navy dinner jacket, which you can wear to just about any formal occasion, paired with light gray dress pants. Pop on a crisp white dress shirt underneath, add some color with a tie or pocket square, and you’ll look fresh from day to night.

If you decide to opt for a full suit, don’t be afraid to go colorful. There’s a limited window of time in which you can wear those fun, vibrant summer colors. Now is the time! Just be sure to choose a color that suits your hair and complexion.

Beach Weddings

 Men's Summer Wedding Shirt  Men's Chinos

Men's White Sneakers

You never know what type of weather you might encounter at a beach wedding, so breathable layers are a must. You’ll want to opt for a lightweight suit or suit jacket with chinos. Underneath, feel free to swap a traditional dress shirt for a short sleeve button-down.

Since beach weddings also lend themselves to a casual dress code, don’t be afraid to go for a fun patterned shirt or a colorful suit jacket. Finish off the look with white sneakers, which you can easily take on or off as you move around the beach.

City Weddings

Men's Summer Wedding Suit Separates

If you get invited into a big city for a wedding, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking a bit more modern and sleek. You’ll also likely be spending much of the wedding at an indoor venue, so a comfortable, breathable suit is your best friend. Stretch wool, in particular, makes for a comfortable fit even if you’re spending all day in the suit. Plus, it makes it easy to break it down on the dance floor later.

We recommend mixing a Zegarie dark grey dinner jacket with our Demantie black stretch wool performance dress pants. If you want to add a little more intrigue, consider getting a patterned suit jacket. Pair the look with a light blue or white button-down, add a pop of color via your tie, and you’re all set.

Summer Wedding Colors

Bright, vibrant colors are often synonymous with summer, especially when paired with white, khaki, or pastel neutrals. You really can’t go wrong with any color - instead, the goal is to choose a color that complements your natural complexion.

Generally speaking, if you have skin with cool undertones, you’ll look better in cool colors like purple and green. If you have warm undertones, bright, light colors look best on you. And, if you have fairly neutral skin, you can rock the boldest of colors.

Once you land on a color, just make sure not to go overboard. You can mix a couple of complementing colors but aim to only include them in one or two pieces of your outfit - like your shirt, tie, socks, or jacket. And, if color just isn’t your thing, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear black, gray, or navy year-round.

No matter what kind of wedding you’re headed to this summer, you can find everything you need at Franky Fashion. From suit separates to tuxedos, we’ve got all your men’s suiting needs covered, as well as shoes, ties, pocket squares, and more. Check out what’s new at Franky Fashion now.


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