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How to be Success at Online Dating

April 19, 2019

How to be Success at Online Dating

How to be a Success at Online Dating

Online dating – what does that phrase say to you? Whatever you are thinking, one of those ideas ought to be “a mainstream way to meet people” as research last year revealed that 11 percent of American adults had sought romance through a dating website or mobile app*. Seeing as we can do so much online – bank, make a living, sell clothing (some great examples here!) book tickets, exercise etc. – then it should be no surprise that so many people look to the World Wide Web to find love. If you are one of them, what are the tactics that can help you stand out from the crowds?

Choose Your Site. First off, which site is for you? Nowadays, there are plenty of dating websites to choose from. The biggest ones are, which claims some 96 million registered users (although not all of them will be paid subscribers), and PlentyOfFish, a free site which claims 40 million registered users. okcupid is another free site. There are also specialist sites if you are gay, or looking for a particular partner, to match your religion or your culture. Founded by a psychologist with more than 35 years’ experience of marriage guidance counselling, eHarmony uses a scientific approach to match compatible singles and you will need to fill in a detailed questionnaire when you register. 

Write a KILLER profile. Or get your friend to do it. You know what it’s like – writing about yourself feels kind of wrong and boastful, so sometimes a friend can do this much better than you can. What is a killer profile – it is one that makes you sound interesting, intriguing, confident and fun to be with. Read through some of the profiles you see online for ideas. Steering away from the lines everyone uses (“I’m a nice guy”, “I don’t take myself too seriously”, “I’m a real romantic”) is a good idea if you want to make yourself stand out, and don’t sound apologetic for using a dating website – it’s mainstream, remember?

Add Some Fantastic Pics. You know what we’re going to advise here, don’t you? Be honest with your pictures – the college pic pre 20lbs and before hair loss isn’t honest. A few pictures is a good idea, make them up to date and be happy and relaxed. Wearing great clothes in your picture will help – and of course Franky Fashion has the perfect solutions for this. Oh, and don’t add in a picture that has obviously been cropped (where you’ve taken out your ex). It’s obvious and bad form.

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Add Intrigue. Put yourself in a prospective partner’s shoes. She (or he) reads through countless I’m a nice guy, I’m romantic, I’m a real gentleman etc. and then BOOM! Along comes a witty, well-written description:

Online Dating

 Ladies, I claim no pretensions to Mr Darcy-type characteristics which might make you swoon, Lizzie Bennet-style at my feet. I do, however, believe manners maketh the man and I model myself on the 19th Century Regency gentleman, well-dressed, well-versed and well able to keep you entertained. Of course, the Regency Gentlemen’s Club also includes Lord Byron and I admit to a degree of madness, badness and danger to know, but only enough to keep me interesting… Feel free to copy, cut and paste!

Don’t Add a Long List of Dislikes. What does a long list of dislikes do? It makes you look narrow-minded and intolerant.

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Be Open-minded. Many people think they know their ‘type’ or they assume that a person who shares the same musical preferences or leisure time preferences is ideal for them. Not so! Trying out another’s hobbies or likes expands the mind, and shared values are much more important than shared hobbies. You might be the guy who loves blondes, or the man who melts for a Latino but you can’t know for sure if you find someone attractive until you meet them in person – so remember that as you look through profiles. Do you have any tips on online dating to share? Feel free to let us know! *The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project’s study found that 23 percent of survey respondents had married or were in a long-term relationship thanks to dating websites.

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