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7 Secrets on How To Get a Second Date

April 19, 2019

7 Secrets on How To Get a Second Date

Follow our advice and you too could be staring into the sunset with someone. First impressions count, hmm? So if you’ve landed a date with a woman you’ve been lusting over, or if you’re just about to hook up with someone you’ve been chatting with online – how do you ensure date number 1 leads to
date number 2?
John Quinlan - does he have difficulties getting dates? Only if he doesn't follow our rules!

Look fashionable and clean. As we said in the opener, first impressions count. You don’t need to look like Brad Pitt’s younger and better brother with the world’s most ripped abs (though, if you do want ripped abs, check out our beginner’s guide to bodybuilding but the well-dressed man makes himself ahead of the game. Naturally, we think as franky fashion stocks the European slim-fit shirts, jeans and other competitively-priced great clothing, that’s the best place to start when you shop for your date look, but other things help. Think neat, tidy hair, clean, fresh scents lightly applied and skin that cries out to be touched. A close shave, for sure.

Show an interest in your date. The man who asks plenty of questions and remembers key things about his date is more likely to be remembered himself. Who wants to leave a date with the woman thinking: “Jeez, I hardly got a word in edge-wise! Mr Ego wouldn’t let me speak!”? So ask questions and LISTEN to the answers.

Tell some interesting stories. You are allowed to say a little bit about yourself! Share your interesting stories – the ones your friends have told you they enjoy. Talk about your work and why you do what you do, mention interesting hobbies, or reveal a fact that not many people know about you. Be warned with the definition of interesting, though. A long geek-out over some obscure TV series may lead to eye-glaze. Intrigue, don’t bore.

Be careful with personal stuff. Too much name-dropping of ex-girlfriends or wives isn’t a good sign for most women on a first date. It signals “I’m still not over my ex,” quicker than whipping out a photo of her. Of course, you get to say if you are divorced – but the reasons (and/or blame) for that need to be saved for further down the line.

Leave a little mystery. Yes, tell your interesting stories – just not all of them on the first date. You want to leave your girl (or guy, we’re open-minded here), with the desire to find out more. The mystery applies to how far you go on a first date too. Again, we’re open-minded and we’re not prudes but we think a kiss works for leaving them wanting more…

A little contact, good. A lot of contact, bad. The modern man has all kinds of ways of getting in contact these days – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and cell phone. To avoid looking like a stalker, one route of communication is fine. Most people find the email/text message the easiest way to get in touch – a simple “Thanks for a great date/evening. I enjoyed your company and it would be great to repeat the experience”, left within 24 hours is nice and leaves the ball in her court. If you don’t hear from her within a day or so – DO NOT REPEAT. Chances are she didn’t lose her phone/dropped it down the pan/developed a weird virus which hospitalized her for three days. And there we have it – easy tips to get second-date status. Do you have any comments to add in? We’d love to hear .

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