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How to Identify Real Chrome from Fake Alternatives

How to Identify Real Chrome from Fake Alternatives

Our products are constructed with the same durable chrome used on motorcycles. This material is favored because it lasts far longer than fake alternatives. It also costs more because it requires a multiple metal dipping process which begins with nickel followed by copper then chrome. These extra steps prolong the manufacturing process but give the metal a dramatic shine, thick, hard exterior and nearly scratch-proof surface. Many other manufacturers choose to use a vacuum metallization process on their helmets, which is quicker and less expensive but doesn’t offer the same quality as true chrome.

The vacuum metallization manufacturing process begins by applying a thin layer of chrome vapors over the shell. The finished product looks very similar to the real thing, but the actual durability and quality will vary significantly. The results may include a far thinner single chrome layer that may flake, fade or scratch off easily when worn.

Chrome Identification Quick Tips:

  • Real chrome costs far more to make than imitation materials
  • Real chrome will include three layers of metal while alternatives utilize a vapor film layer
  • Real chrome is nearly 100% scratch resistant while fake versions will damage easily
  • Real chrome gives off a rich luster while imitations only offer a dull finish