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The secret on how to look slim this summer without going to the gym!

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The New Wave in Men’s Fashion – Men’s Slim Fit Shirts..Are You In?

As we are talking about men’s slim fit shirts, the right question probably is ‘are you thin?’

Ha..ha…gottcha.. I was just kidding. The new fashion wave in men’s wear, the slim fit shirts are suitable for all you men out there.

The AR-1 shirt comes in your choice of colors, black, light blue, white or red

And what’s more, they create a smart and sophisticated appearance and the complements never stop.

Men’s Slim Fit Shirts – Look Good and Feel Great

The dress shirt is the staple in your wardrobe. With long sleeves and smart cuffs, these shirts are perfect for formal occasions. Choose unconventional colors and bright patterns in your dress shirt, and you have the perfect apparel for a casual evening out.

How you look is determined by your shirt. So make sure that your shirt projects you in the right light.

Men’s slim fit shirts and men’s slim fit dress shirts do just that.

Why You Should Wear Men’s Slim Fit Shirts

Slim fit shirts accentuate your body shape and show off your athletic physique…provided you have one of course.

The Capitano shirt comes in the colors white or navy

This guy definitely does. Note the typical V-shape- broad chest and shoulders and narrow waist.

But frankly, not many of us do. What with work, grocery and then some more work and being dad and a hundred other things to do, where is the time to hit the gym? If I just described your life, then the men’s slim fit dress shirts are one of the best wardrobe choices for you. A traditional fit shirt balloons out at odd places and will simply make you appear bulkier than you are. You certainly don’t want that.

And if you have a naturally thin physique, you would probably drown in a standard fit shirt. The right size men’s slim fit shirt shifts the focus on you. Or people might just see the reams and reams of shirt (fabric) around you and may just not notice you at all! Choosing the right size slim fit shirt is crucial. Click here to see how to do that.

Spoilt for Choice…Patterns, Colors Galore….

For the best men’s slim fit shirts and slim fit dress shirts, don’t look beyond www.frankyfashion.com . Our wide range of men’s dress shirts are sourced from across the best international brands such as Vertigo, Bespoke, Absolute Rebellion, and many others.

Here are a few slim fit shirt fashion tips FrankyFashion recommends

You know that black is the universal slimming color. So if you have not been too regular at the gym, why not choose this plain black slim fit shirt and make the most of it.

Click here to see the details

Tall black and handsome? Atta boy! That’s the look you project. The splashes of red only enhance the overall impact of the shirt.

Or you can take ‘cool quotient’ several notches higher with this white shirt.

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But break the barricade of boring white with some interesting red patterns on the cuff and a creatively designed black broad stripe on one end. Slip on your glares and become ‘Mr. Irresistible’.

Experiment with colors- especially in the causal range, where color options range from mauve to patterned light blue to shocking pinks too.

You know the biggest disadvantage with a regular fit shirt? Well there is just too much of it. And when you tuck it into your trousers, it is extra padding for your ‘seat’ And that most of us can do without that, right?

The solution? Ride on the new wave in men’s fashion - men’s slim fit shirts- “Are you in?”

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