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The Mark of a Gentleman – Men’s Slim Fit Suits to the Rescue

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Picture James Bond or Mr. Darcy of Pride & Prejudice, and what stands out clearly in the image is their well fitted suits.

The super sexy spy is always dressed in ‘expensive’ suits, but never floundering in an ‘expansive’ suit. And as for brooding Mr. Darcy, he would perhaps forsake his beloved Elizabeth than put up with an ill fitting suit.

Why should you be any different? A gentleman is defined as much as by his actions as by his attire. And it all starts with wearing the right fit suit.

Men’s Slim Fit Suits – Mark of a Gentleman

Whether it is formal office wear or dressing up for a formal occasion, suits are the right option for the young (and old) gentleman. Is it any surprise that major events find male stars descending on the red carpet in their best (and often bespoke and exclusively tailored) suits?

The dapper gentleman about town does not waste time and energy on looking frivolous. Yes, the torn jeans, the baggy shorts and the graphic T-shirts have their own place in your wardrobe. But when you want to make the right impression at the right time, the unwavering gentleman’s code is the suit and nothing but the suit that perfectly fits and suits you.

Why Slim Fit Suits for Men

The slim fit suit is a fashion forward apparel that highlights and accentuates your physique. And the amazing truth is this suit actually hides your flaws rather than exposing them. So if you are unsure whether the slim fit suit will be unforgiving towards the extra pounds you have piled on, be rest assured. Your secret is quite safe.

What’s the Best ‘Suited’ Suit for You?

When you want men’s slim fit suits, www.frankyfahion.com offers you limitless choice. Will you opt for single breasted or a double breasted suit?

While the former is more common, the latter creates an even more formal look. Ultimately your decision should be based on the specific occasion you would be wearing the suit for. FrankyFashion recommends having both options in your wardrobe.

Colors in men’s slim fit suits range from classic blacks, browns, and navy blues to the contemporary greys and light browns to absolutely modern colors such as green and red.

What you choose is totally up to you.

Get the Right Look with Your Suit

Nothing in life comes easy. If you want to look good, you gotta play by the rules. And if you want to look like the perfect gentleman, you had better follow the etiquette in men’s formal fashion.

Start with a well fitting shirt and vest. Unless these elements are in place, even the best fitted suit cannot do anything for you.

Choose your tie appropriately. Bold patterned ties are best avoided. Adding a pocket square to the ensemble creates a comprehensive look and gives out the message that you are a detail oriented person. But make sure your tie and pocket square are NOT of the same pattern.

Wear well tailored trousers that sit below your navel, just above your hip bone. Rule of thumb – your ankles should be completely covered by your trousers.

Match your socks with your tie. Wear formal shoes- black or brown in color.

Ah. here comes the perfect gentleman and as I said earlier a gentleman is as much defined by this attire as by his actions.

So along with your men’s slim fit suit, be polite, courteous, chivalrous and you could well be the modern day Mr. Darcy or the contemporary Mr. Bond.

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