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Is it Victory or Defeat? – Nah! It’s a ‘Tie’

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Be a Winner with Trendy Ties, Bow Ties and Tie Bars

OK, now here is a riddle. What makes you a winner? Here’s a clue – its name indicates a condition of ‘neither winning nor losing’ Can you guess? Well, it’s a ‘tie’!

And we wonder what makes you smirk when we are actually so serious? Jokes apart, ties are your BIG chance to create the impression of a winner.

So be sure to choose trendy ties, bow ties and tie bars and here’s three cheers to your new dapper look!

Ties – Magnetic Men’s Accessories

When women have all the right in the world to embellish their attire with a plethora of accessories, why should men be left behind? And what’s a better way to accessorize your clothing than to accentuate it by donning an exclusive tie or bow tie and clipping it in place with a spectacular tie bar!

The world of ties has evolved to such an extent that if it’s a plain ‘Jane’ (or should I say plain ‘John’) tie, it doesn’t even exist! Impeccably crafted to perfection, modern world ties, bow ties and tie bars have become an indispensable facet of your suits or formal wears.

The Enchanting World of Ties and Bow Ties

Ties and bow ties are no longer a part of your attire that goes unnoticed. And at www.frankyfashion.com, we give you ample options to choose from. Click here for our outstanding tie designs and patterns.

Men's Designer Tie

For you, the word tie or bow tie may bring a navy blue or maroon piece of silk something tied around your neckline! But for us, it means a lot more. Our rich ties collection comprises plain, patterned and paisley styles with amazing textures and awesome designs. Get ready to get on the forefront of tie trends with FrankyFashion.com

The Very Hot and Happening Skinny Ties – The In Thing

The newest trend in the tie world is the skinny tie. A perfect accessory for that prim and propah look. Keep the brethren envious and the beauties ogling with admiration with your designer skinny tie. Click right here to choose from our assortment of over 100 designs and colors in slim width ties!

Skinny Ties

We call the skinny tie above ‘Caltanissetta’. Designed in Italy, it is the fastest-selling product in our skinny tie catalog! So, what are you waiting for? Make the perfect impression at your next business, formal or casual event with our oh-so-trendy ties.


Get yourself that classic skinny tie you always wanted to go with your double breasted

slim fit suit and see the impact it makes! Click here if you want to know more about suits and how to choose the right one.

Bow to the Bow Tie

You gotta bow down to the demands of fashion and bow ties are all the rage this season.

Get a textured bow tie like this gentleman to intensify your already distinct personality.

Bow Ties

Or even better, you could go for that evergreen, non-controversial, pure silk bow tie to spell the ultimate in refinement! Well, that is exactly how a real gentleman must look, right?

Black Bow Tie

A hot favorite among advertising professionals and architects is the printed bow tie. It rightly complements their creative persona and artistic bent of mind. A perfectly tailored suit with a plain shirt and this unconventional tie is exactly what’s required to create a style statement. Period!

Printed Bow Tie

A Bar is for Weekends – But this One’s for Weekdays!

Wondering what we are referring to? Hah! It’s the ‘tie bar’ boys!

Tie bars have evolved with evolution in fashion. These are no longer limited to being a golden, silver or steel metal pin clasped to your tie. These are well beyond that; available in an astonishing variety of designs as pinch clasps, side clasps and even colored tie bars.

Tie Bar

Go for this plaid tie bar in Fuchsia, and you are ready to make an unbeatable style statement!

Ties, Bow Ties and Tie Bars – Must-Haves In Your Wardrobe!

No formal clothing feels complete without a matching tie. Exactly like you need a perfect fit for your shirt, trousers and suit, your tie has to be perfect to create that lasting impression.

Go for exceptionally designed men’s ties, bow ties and tie bars that flawlessly suit your personality and taste. And you don’t need to look anywhere else when www.frankyfashion.com is right here with the best designer tie collection in town. We promise you the most covetable assortment in these accessories, sourced from leading global brands.

Liven up your wardrobe with our latest assortment of ‘literally-to-die-for’ ties. Is there a better time than now to look and feel stunning? We don’t think so. It’s now time to get ‘tied’ down to fashion.

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