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​6 must known fashion tips for men in Spring 2014

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1. The Color-Blue

This season, Blue is the color. Every shade is hip and trendy, from the lightest sky-blue to darkest navy blue. The one shade of blue that was the hit of the fashion shows was the vibrant cobalt. Turquoise and teal are also hot! From t-shirts and shirts, to blazers and bombers, to shoes and sandals, you’ll find them in blue, all brands and price point. Blue, is classic and flattering on just about every skin and hair tone. It’s also very easy to match with other clothing articles.

2. Dress shoes-Brown

City boots and oxfords that look worn-out yet polished with a deep luxurious glow-military style. Why? Because you have put away your black till next winter, we hope so! They match great with blue (as mentioned earlier), sand, stone, khaki and grey.

3. The versatile jacket/blazer

A lightweight fabric jacket such as cotton blend or linen with solid or maybe a delicate patterned fabric. Light colors such as stone, or even camouflage would match perfectly with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You can also pair it with a more formal dress shirt like this European Slim Fit Dress Shit called London by Absolute Rebellion.

4. Indispensable Jeans

No man should live without a pair of vital denim pants. A tapered fit that you can wear to dinner paired with your versatile jacket and also for a walk around town, paired with one of these World Cup FIFA Polo Shirts by Absolute Rebellion. Best colors for easy matching; dark indigo. Bright color jeans are still in, but not for long.

5. Pocket Squares-The smallest thing makes the biggest difference

Today’s fashion conscious man knows that a pocket square is an essential part of displaying his unique style. Here are a few tricks on how to make it look cool:

It’s an art - not a science

  • It doesn't have to match your tie and shirt. It should compliment them.  
  • Don’t be shy to use bold colors and patterns, such as plaids and polka dots.  See image below for ideas.
  • Chambray is the most versatile color. It matches from navy to gray.
  • It's not called "Pocket Volcano".  Display it correctly.  See image below.

6.Scooter Leather Jacket

It’s versatile, it’s cool and you can easily combine it with a crew neck or v-neck t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It’s great for cool nights to hang out with your buddies.

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Don’t be shy to use bold colors and patterns, such as plaids and polka dots.

Pocket Squares

It's not called a "Pocket Volcano"

Cool (left)

This man knows that the pocket square is the finishing touch, not the focal point of the outfit.

Clownish (right)

Great if you entertain children for a living.

How to fold your Pocket Square

Also watch this video on 6 ways to fold your pocket square